See how identifying your

Purpose Quotient

allows YOU to maximize the WHY.



PURPOSE is the reason and driving force behind what a company intends to do in the world and for the lives of its employees and customers.

The PQ


Intellectual Quotient (IQ) matters: everyone needs role clarity, clear objectives and access to the resources to get the job done.


Emotional Quotient (EQ) is similarly vital: we need trust, respect and a sense of collegiate collaboration. But while IQ and EQ are absolutely necessary, they are far from sufficient for peak performance.


Being ‘in the zone’ demands a HIGH Purpose Quotient    (PQ) to maximize performance and achieve full potential.  Meaning, High Performance organizations operate in a high-IQ, high-EQ, but require high-PQ to deliver meaningful results.

Focusing not on the process but the PEOPLE who drive the process 


Identifying, leveraging and cultivating the necessary enthusiastic ENGAGEMENT required to achieve success


Unlocking the latent capacity that exists in the human condition and INSPIRING it to achieve great things utilizing more discretionary commitment.


Empowering every associate with the skills, competencies and knowledge required to feel SIGNIFICANT in order to achieve excellence

Let ImPowerQ Associates help you find your Q and unlock the potential in your ASSOCIATES!