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Associate Professor, Texas State

Today’s healthcare industry involves an ongoing challenge of finding individuals with leadership and competencies beyond that offered by many clinical and administrative programs of higher education.  Often, it is the leader’s inherent motivation to succeed, care, and improve that drives HR firms’ initiatives for talent searches and related organizational hiring efforts.  In the end, they are looking for those who can ‘stick-it-out’ during tough governmental/regulatory initiatives and dynamic industry market changes.


ImPowerQ has delivered.  By developing the Heroes-to-Healthcare (H2H) leadership program, those military leaders in transition to civilian healthcare leadership positions who successfully complete the program have accomplished personal, academic, and professional training that easily challenges training programs offered by many higher educational institutions.  Armed with experience and ImPowerQ’s transition curriculum, hospitals, medical centers, and even ancillary/support healthcare organizations will continue to benefit from these program graduates as they finish their service obligation with our country.


While the H2H program’s healthcare leadership competencies resemble that quite similar to certified healthcare management programs at the baccalaureate level, and it is the dedication and willingness to serve as demonstrated by the veteran graduate who I would recommend for the job.

-Dr. Cristian Lieneck

Michael Miscoe, Esq.*, CPC, CASCC, CUC, CCPC, CPCO, CPMA, CEMA,

AAPC’s National Advisory Board President

"Military Veterans, as a group, are selfless and motivated individuals that embody the concept of professionalism. Their demonstrated commitment to the achievement of higher standards under difficult circumstances based on the rigors of their service to the country set them apart from others in their age-group. 

Heroes to Healthcare, supported by the AAPC CPPM curriculum, is an exceptional program designed to transition these outstanding veterans into positions within the healthcare business sector.”

- Michael Miscoe, Esq

JR Thomas



The development of a company's human assets are THE critical element of building and growing a successful company. 


Successful companies require tangible employee engagement in the strategic and financial goals and realities of the company.  Dave and Samina were very impactful with not only our internal employee and external customer development programs, but also developed a veteran hiring program that truly improved our business. 


Dave's veteran program was not a charitable initiative but a means to find and develop the key personal characteristics that our business needed to grow new customers, new products and reach new financial metrics.  


As a company we learned the value of hiring and developing key personal characteristics that drive above market financial performance as well as the traditional human resource metrics.  The development initiative are unique in its form, focus and accountability.  This is not your typical human resource program of powerpoints and buzzwords.  This program drives real financial results and employee improvement which many people believe are not achievable. 

We exceeded our belief in the achievable from a Purpose driven employee development and veteran development program.

- JR Thomas

James Dye


Requisite Resource Group

Christine Reyes

President, SAVI Learning, Inc.

“Samina Hooda worked for SAVI Learning, Inc. designing training for SAVI’s largest client, Royal Dutch Shell.


She cultivated an excellent working relationship with the client, interfacing with a multinational team of subject matter experts, instructional design leads, and multimedia developers to design, deliver, and manage critical learning and performance improvement solutions. She did an excellent job determining tasks, priorities, and goals of various training projects, ensuring communication with key stakeholders and compliance with the client’s instructional requirements.


Samina is skilled in the design and development of both instructor led and e-learning. She is a team player, dedicated, dependable, and would be an asset to any team.”


- Christine Reyes

Charles L. Jarvie

Managing Partner

Proctor Partners, Inc

I worked with David for an intense 4 years at MedSynergies. Closely  AND Hard.

Prior to his coming to the company there was no management development program to speak of, very modest training programs ,

little professional recruiting, and a great need to upgrade these areas both internally and externally (as a client service).  A DAUNTING task given the in-place culture.

He succeeded with all this in spectacular fashion. Built an effective organization, changed a culture (which in my executive experience is the most difficult task of all), produced important and tangible results at all levels.

It is not exaggeration to state that his work was a major factor in the sale of the company with stunning returns for its shareholders.

I have found Dave to be smart, honest and a star in his area of expertise, and above all, forthright with his communications.  No games from Dave.

I would and probably will, hire Dave for my future ventures.  Results would be excellent; the interplay would be both challenging and fun.

- Charles L. Jarvie

"I have been associated with Dave for nearly two decades building great companies.  There is no better leader to ignite a growth organization.  Dave's approach and techniques of talent acquisition and employee engagement are centered on a 'belief system' where not only everyone understands their role, but it truly means something to them 'deep-down'.


When the magic happens, you'll know.  You will feel it in your gut and see it in your organization's results."

- James Dye

Monica L. Urbaniak, LMFT-S

Clinical Director, Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

“As a leader in a non-profit corporation, I have benefited greatly from the training, support, and coaching I have received from Samina. Samina has done a great job of both supporting and challenging me in my professional development. I have gained insight into my own personal leadership styles and strengths, and have developed new skills, particularly around dealing with challenging situations with both leaders and employees through this leadership group. Also, the benefit of being connected to other non-profit leaders will be something I will take with me moving forward in my career.”


- Monica L. Urbaniak, LMFT-S