ImPowerQ's 'Heroes to Healthcare' invited to present at the Minnesota Hospital Associati

Dallas, TX, June 28, 2018— ImPowerQ Associates llc, a Dallas Tx-based organizational development advisory firm dedicated to making a difference in the lives of healthcare experienced veterans and the health of the healthcare industry through the Heroes to Healthcare mission, is delighted to announce that we were invited to present at the 2018 Annual Minnesota Hospital Associations’ Workforce Development Committee Meeting. The meeting was held June 27th, 2018 at the MHA Headquarters in St. Paul, MN.

Dave Gregorio, Cofounder and Executive Director of Social Impact, presented to MN Hospital Association members on the challenges of mid-enlisted healthcare experienced veteran talent nationally in establishing meaningful employment. The value of a Department of Labor approved Registered Apprenticeship strategy and how the Heroes to Healthcare mission is solving this veteran employment crisis while also providing economically advantageous high-quality talent to the healthcare industry.

Attendees included 20 member healthcare organizations representing the largest healthcare employers in the state. Dave Gregorio, specially highlighted non only the outstanding state support for veteran hiring in healthcare but also the outstanding collaborative nature of competing healthcare organizations participating in the MNHA meeting. “Mark Sonneborn, VP, Health Information & Analytic for MNHA has given healthcare experienced veterans a great opportunity today by hearing our call in Washington and kindly advocating for the H2H mission in Minnesota. MNHA members are committed to the cause and I look forward to working with Mark and his members as we lead the H2H mission in Minnesota.”

For media inquiries, please contact: Dave Gregorio at Phone: 972-375-2954

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