ImPowerQ's 'Heroes to Healthcare' receives US Department of Labor approval for three add

Dallas, TX, June 15, 2018— ImPowerQ Associates llc, a Dallas Tx-based organizational development advisory firm dedicated to making a difference in the lives of healthcare experienced veterans and the health of the healthcare industry through the Heroes to Healthcare mission, is delighted to announce that per the request of several of our Ally Employers we have designed, submitted and obtain approval for three additional Registered Apprenticeship Occupations following within the initial Heroes to Healthcare midenlisted healthcare experienced veteran integration program.

As with the Heroes to Healthcare inaugural healthcare administration track these three new tracks are designed specifically to leverage the experience of a healthcare experienced veteran while also filling in the gaps required to ensure meaningful employment in the civilian healthcare industry. The new tracks consist of: Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Pharmacy Technician and Cyber Security Analyst in Healthcare. Each Registered Apprenticeship is designed to equip participants to become certified by nationally recognized and credentialed certifying institutions who have agreed to partner with Heroes to Healthcare to ensure the validation of high quality talent development.

Samina Hooda, Cofounder and President of ImPowerQ Associates, worked closely with public and private institutions in the design and ultimate Department of Labor approval of these new programs. John Kuznar, DOL RA Specialist commented on Samina’s work by stating that “the registered apprenticeships that Samina and her team have submitted are within the top 10 of all the designs I have worked with. I am grateful for commitment to quality and their approach to holistic learning strategies for our veterans.”

Samina stated “ As the leader of one of the most progressive human development firms nationally it is an absolute pleasure to use our talent toward our national heroes being supporting by the Heroes to Healthcare mission. We are lucky to have public and private supporters like Mr. Kuznar that share our purpose driven strategy and high standards.”

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