ImPowerQ's 'Heroes to Healthcare' invited to present at the Senior Enlisted Advisory Sum

Dallas, TX, June 8, 2018— ImPowerQ Associates llc, a Dallas Tx-based organizational development advisory firm dedicated to making a difference in the lives of healthcare experienced veterans and the health of the healthcare industry through the Heroes to Healthcare mission, is delighted to announce that we were invited to by Navy Force Master Chief Josea Smith to present at the 2018 Senior Enlisted Advisory (SEA) Summit for the Defense Healthcare Agency. The meeting was held June 6th, 2018 at the Defense Health Headquarters in Falls Church, VA

Dave Gregorio, Cofounder and Executive Director of Social Impact, presented to the participants on the challenges of mid-enlisted healthcare experienced veteran talent nationally in establishing meaningful employment. The opportunities for improvement in the transition assistance programs and the value of a Department of Labor approved Registered Apprenticeship strategy. Also discussed was the approach the Heroes to Healthcare mission is taking to solving this veteran employment crisis and how DOD can learn from H2H to improve the active duty development experience in order to mitigate veteran transition challenges.

Dave Gregorio, was especially grateful for the Force Master Chief’s interest and commitment to the success pre and post discharge of all healthcare experienced soldiers, sailors and airmen and the subsequent interactions and support he has received from meeting participants. Dave stated “ With support from such amazing military leaders we will change the negative direction of healthcare experienced veteran employment and ensure a much brighter future for our soldiers, sailors and airmen post active duty.”

For media inquiries, please contact: Dave Gregorio at Phone: 972-375-2954

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