Embrace...the movement

Making America Great One Hug at a Time

Embrace the Movement

Hugs NOT Thugs is a grassroots effort focused on changing the current American narrative that is dominated by the darkness of racism, hate and violence that has overshadowed the greatness of America's kindness, goodwill and love.

Mass Huggings

Through locally coordinated events volunteers will participate in "Mass Huggings" at popular places such as Walmart's, schools,nightclubs and any place that will have us.

Easily recognized by the HNT logo and our caring nature we will change the current narrative by providing the media, politicians and most importantly the people of this great country an opportunity to participate in and experience the goodness of the American people and give our country a positive talking point that demonstrates what truly Makes America Great.


Huggers Needed

We are currently looking for local leaders and participants willing to participate in coordinated Mass Hugging events.  If you are a Hugger please subscribe to be included in our event announcements. 

Donations Needed


100% of all donations will be used for the exclusive purpose of event coordination and participant shirts. 

For More Information Contact: Info@impowerq.com

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