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I am coming off of a week from hell. We sold our mini ranch only after buying it a little less than two years ago and spending a year working on it. It was a great experience but too much darn work. What was also too much darn work was moving. Moving a household of 5 people, 3 dogs and 3 horses is a nightmare. Moving to a house half the size of the house you were in only adds to the horror. Three trucks. Three moving crews and countless “service providers” involved in this nightmare, but even in the midst of all these people buzzing around I saw a few things that grabbed my heart. If you read my last few blogs you know where I stand with corporate values wall art and the premise that i

From One Uniform To Another

I will never forget sitting on that mountain side in Afghanistan making the decision that it is time to transition from a military to civilian career. This was my second deployment, I had a wife and young son at home and I reached the pivotal 10 year point in my service where you either finished your 20 or got out. To retire from the military was always my goal from the day I raised my hand and took the oath but the amazing power of family and wanting to be there for them changed that goal. Not to mention that my body was breaking down from abuse of typical military activities and I had a strong feeling that if I was a cat, I used 8 of my 9 lives during my time in Afghanistan. It was time

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