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Five Reasons Why Apprenticeships Are Good Business

ImPowerQ Associates is proud to be recognized for our Apprenticeship design, development and deployment of the Heroes to Healthcare  Registered Apprenticeship.
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1  Apprenticeships Provide Skilled Workers for Your Future

  • Apprenticeship training improves employees' skills, resulting in long-term benefit.

  • Apprenticeship training ensures that your employees' skillset matches your current and future needs. It eliminates any skill gaps and produces future leaders.

  • Your best practices and culture are an integral part of your apprentice's training from the start, eliminating the need for reprogramming.

  • Training is validated per stringent US DOL standards and credentialed through industry-leading industry associations.


2  Apprenticeships Increase Staff Retention

  • Employees who have been trained in-house are highly motivated, committed to the business and supportive of business objectives.

  • Apprenticeship encourages employees to think of their job as a career. Apprentices are therefore motivated to advance within the business rather than using the opportunity as a stepping stone.

  • Apprenticeships reduce recruitment costs. Offering an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff demonstrates an internal investment and communicates that the employee is an essential  integral part of the workforce and has a future with the business.

  • According to research data, 92% of companies employing apprentices report a more motivated and satisfied workforce. 85% have seen a significant increase in employee retention.

  • H2H Veterans have maintained an average of 82% Retention in five years.

3 Apprenticeships Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Apprentices typically generate an ROI between 150% and 300% (IMI Research)

  • Investing in s apprenticeships has a positive financial effect

  • Research data reveals that 81% of consumers favor using businesses that employ apprentices.

  • Average overall employer savings on average equals half of first-year market wage.

  • US DOL Apprenticeships are eligible for state and federal funding through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act


4  Apprentices Can Inspire Your Business

  • Apprentices are eager to learn and support your business. They often bring a fresh approach and a positive attitude into the workplace.

  • A business's investment in apprenticeships shows it is willing to support and invest in its employees,  inspiring a positive reputation and employer of choice designation.



5  Apprenticeships Result in Increased Productivity

  • Apprentices may take on entry-level tasks, removing those responsibilities from more senior employees, allowing those senior employees to focus on more key areas of work.

  • Delegating basic jobs to an apprentice provides a learning opportunity. Throughout the apprenticeship, an apprentice will take on increased responsibility. This strategic allocation of work results in more productive employees.

  • Skills and competencies required for optimal performance are specifically designed into a learning strategy with metrics and performance goals to measure success.