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To ImPower YOU with the knowledge and attitude to excel.


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Passionately ImPowering Associates

A practitioner of compassionate capitalism with 27 successful years in healthcare leading highly effective organizations in consumer products, medical devices, professional services, revenue cycle and information technology.


As a founding member of ImPowerQ Associates, Dave expands on his compassionate capitalism philosophy by assisting organizations throughout the US to unlock the latent capacity that exists in their associates.  Dave’s gift for seeing the potential within people individually and inspiring a purpose that unites them to the organizational vision transforms organizations into focused entities where everyone finds their purpose to passionately to do great things corporately. 


Dave believes that love should be a key leadership principle and that only through establishing common PURPOSE will organizations unlock the capacity that exists and attain real business success.  It is what makes his approach attractive and profound while at the same time being extremely effective and fun.





Dave Gregorio

Founding Partner - Performance Builder

Samina Hooda

Founding Partner - Performance Architect

Samina Hooda believes in the spark of human potential and that trust and purpose are fuels to keep it alight. Her strength is in creating intrinsic value in building teams so that they are motivated and engaged to bring forth purpose-driven innovative solutions in any field of human endeavor. She is a practitioner of human potential development and has 15 plus years of experience in creating enabling environments for learning, creativity, collaboration, and performance. She has expertly brought about meaningful human potential outcomes in the arena of not-for-profit, oil and gas, healthcare, and community building.  


In co-founding ImPowerQ Associates, Samina has harnessed all her experiences to create a blueprint to unlock the latent potential within people by empowering them with a ‘Purpose Quotient’. This purpose-driven approach is at the meeting point of personal significance and business vision. The AAACT model cohesively transforms the organization into a place of trust and purpose, the fuels to power human creativity and collaboration. For her, ImPowerQ is her own ‘Purpose Quotient’ to create enabling environments and intrinsically powerful organizational communities.